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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Pictures, As Promised

Here are some new pictures, as I promised yesterday when I posted. Sorry, but I was just to lazy to go down and import them off of my camera! Old age creeping in!

Annie Frances is 3 now and she loves dresses. Not always heirloom dresses however, as she is quite the little "buster" and we really have to watch her when she is wearing a dress with French laces and puffing, etc.! This style little dress is just right for her though for church. They go outside during Sunday School, so we don't have to worry about her ripping out a fancy band! This is copied from Kari Mecca's "Sewing with Whimsy". If you don't have this book, it is a must to get. Such adorable designs with great directions and hand embellishments. Annie Frances loves all the dresses in this book, so I am trying to make her a few of these. This design is Kari's Simple Sash Sundress. I was even able to find fabric and ribbon the same color as her sample. I did add some bullion roses around the neck for my little touch of "heirloom" however. Annie really loves this dress as you can see from her modeling"

This little capri pant and apron outfit, I made for her for picture day at her school. Hope she likes it. It is reversable and has her name and monogram on each side. I don't have a pattern to reference for this one, as I made this up from an outfit I saw on a little one at her playschool. Apron top ties on both sides and she will have to wear a little tee shirt under it. She still looks cute in this little style. Don't want her to look too grown up yet. I'll post a pic of her when I see her in it.

That's it for today. I'm still sewing and enjoying spring!

Monday, April 19, 2010

So much to do, so much to sew!!!

It's been awhile since I had time to write on my blog. Busy with Easter orders, celebrating the holiday and I also have had a little set back with my health again. I am gradually coming back from it however. It is so agravating when I have these little episodes of Meniere's as they totally keep me from being able to do any sewing, reading or even watching tv. It totally interrupts my plans and agenda! Anyway, hubby and I have been traveling just a bit and I have been sewing when I can in the car on our trips. I use to be able to do this with no problem. Meniere's makes this somewhat difficult at times.

The lovely spring weather brings out so many ideas for designs and outfits that I am eager to get started on. My daughter has brought me several swatches of fabric and many dress and spring play clothes plans for my granddaughter. She is most anxious for me to get started on these too. I will post a couple of pictures in a day or so when I get everything together and under way.

Springtime is such a pleasant time to sew. I loved sewing on my screen porch at our house in Huntsville. Unfortunately, I don't have a screen porch here, but a nice deck, so I like to sit in the sun where I can really see well and work on my hand embroidery. I am working on lots of new designs for the Nursery Rhyme Collection. Plans to have a sew out book ready in a few days that I can send around for trunk shows. Please call if you are interested in having a show. Will be posting pictures of designs and outfits soon so please check back and let me know what you think. Happy Spring!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Grand Ole Smockers

Yesterday I enjoyed meeting a lovely group of new friends and fellow sewers at the Grand Ole Smockers SAGA meeting. We met at a lovely little shop in Smyrna, TN, Stitcher's Playhouse, for an enjoyable morning of sewing fellowship and a lovely lunch. I have tried for the past couple of months to work out my schedule to attend this monthly SAGA meeting which is on the 3rd Friday of each month, so I was excited that I finally was able to go.

The Stitcher's Playhouse hosted us and provided us our sewing project for the meeting....this cute little stuffed teddy bear baby gift.
Ann Barnett, the owner had already traced off patterns, cut the minkee and had all the supplies available for us to just sit and sew. We did a little assembly line of pinning pattern onto fabric, someone then ironed the freezer paper pattern onto the minkee, several stitched them together, and then we all cut out, stuffed and stitched up. Makes a quick, but oh so cute little baby gift. We all also traced off preemie diaper shirt patterns to make up in our spare time. Next month baby blankets will be made during the meeting. Blankets, teddy bears and baby shirts will be given to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital in the near future.

The new president of the group, Sue Lavell had lovingly made little tissue holders and brought them as a little favor to all the members. So thoughtful! It was a lovely group of ladies to meet and much fun was had by all. I will look forward to joining them again each month.

Lunch was provided by the shop owner and her precious mother, "Mom" who is 85. Ann and her mother use to have a catering business so we were served a delicious Cobb salad with homemade pimento cheese and crackers. "Mom" also made a yummy chocolate dessert for us all. If you live in the Nashville area and have never visited the Stitcher's Playhouse, it is a must to go see and shop there. Has a quaint vintage charm with several rooms of beautiful heirloom fabrics, patterns, etc. but also such bright and fun fabrics for children's fun wear, tote bags, aprons etc. They have a wonderful class schedule of great sewing classes for all. Ann had just gotten in a wonderful little trunk show from Samantha Caffee, of The Handmade Dress, Such cute little retro patterns that are great for girls of all ages. I couldn't resist purchasing "Miss Mary" a little wrap dress that I will be whipping up for my Annie Frances in the next couple of weeks. We all suggested that Samantha Caffee should expand this pattern to adult sizes as we all wanted one too!

A fun day for me with a little break. Now back to my sewing room to keep on working on all my Easter orders

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Easter Closeout Sale

We have a few garments available right now that would be great little Easter outfits. We've marked them way down and would love to ship them to you at no charge (within continental USA). The sizes shown are the only sizes we have available in these last few designs. Call today to order one of these great little Easter specials for your little cutie.

Pink Gingham Romper with Chicks
Size 12 months
Price: $35.00

Vintage Chicks Bishop
Size 24 months
Price: $35.00

Linen Easter Bunny dress
Size 6-12 months

Linen Easter Parade Dress
Size 12-18 months
Price: $35.00

Linen Pink Ribbon Dress
Size 6-12 months
Price: $35.00

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

UFO'S (UnFinished Objects)

Do any of you have any UFO's just waiting to be completed? I bet you do! I have many sewing, crafting, painting, decorating, you name it, projects, kits and items that have lain untouched for months and even years waiting for me to complete or even begin. Why do I do this? Sometimes I open a box or a drawer to discover something that I bought or began working on years ago and then pushed back in to be forgotten in time. It's a nice surprise to find these projects again, but then the challenge to begin the task that was postponed originally and shoved out of sight so long ago is reconnected. I am always very enthusiastic upon purchasing and starting a project, but usually some little glitch will come up upon the initial preparation that hinders me and throws me off the task. I then pack it up and shove it away someplace to only forget it for awhile.

I opened a drawer yesterday, looking for some lace for another project and there lay this package.
I picked up this little Easter pillow kit probably 10 years ago on one of my trips to the Houston Quilt Market. I haven't been to that show now in about 6 or 7 years, so that shows you how long it has lain untouched. I would always pick up a few kits, patterns, fabrics and tools while at the Market, bringing them home with the best of intentions to create something wonderful.

I love this little bunny and egg design and since Easter is fast approaching and I have been shadow working bunnies lately, I decided that this little applique project needed to be finished right away. I pulled it out and committed to finishing it today. So glad I did...I think it really turned out cute. Now, I just need to bring out all the rest of my Easter decorations.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Treasure Hunting

Finally, a warm, sunny weekend in Nashville and we definitely took advantage of it on Saturday! One of darling daughter and my fav things to do is to scour flea markets, vintage clothing stores and antique stores in search of treasures. I'm always looking for vintage baby and children's clothes and linens and Erin was on the search for an antique kitchen scale. As we were getting ready to depart, you guessed it, precious baby granddaughter was begging to go too! Even at 3 years old, she loves to go shopping with Mama and Nana for a "gurls only" day out. She got all dressed up in her little peasant skirt and top I made her and had the "Fancy Nancy" purse full of all her "gurls" things in tow. So we were off...

But first, precious granddaughter is hungry! Well,this is another favorite treat for us "gurls" so we headed for a spot in Nolensville that is one of our favs. Now if you are from the South, you know that there is nothing better than good ole smoked BBQ. Erin and I are really BBQ aficionados as that is what we usually seek out when we are on our outings. Martin's BBQ Joint in Nolensville , is to just die for if you love good BBQ. Winding our way through the beautiful countryside dotted with fabulous horse farms was an enjoyable ride. As we approached our little eatery, with mouths salivating, a big sign said Martins had moved! Oh no, now to find the new one. A quick turn around and just a few blocks away, you could see the smoke rising from the big outdoor cooker and there was Martins in a brand new building. Yeah! We headed in for delicious pulled pork and brisket!

The new place is full of unique antiques and typical Nashville musical decor on all the walls and also has a stuffed deer head mounted on the wall. Annie Frances was captured by this and kept wanting to go take a look at Mr. Reindeer. The waitress asked her if she wanted to talk to him as he was a talking reindeer. Oh yes, she and Mama were on their way to have a conversation. AF quickly became shy when Mr. Reindeer began moving his head and mouth and shouting out Hello Annie Frances!Finally after much laughing and giggling, AF and the reindeer exchanged goodbyes till next time and we headed out the door for our treasure seeking.

Two local spots in Nolensville are area favorites for vintage memorabilia and antique seekers....Three French Hens and The Roost. Before going in, we had to prompt AF to "not touch" anything, "just look". Oh so hard for a 3 yr old, but she did really good. Only occasionally was she overtaken by something that she really could not resist a little touch at....her favorite was a beautiful vintage Kelly green prom dress with lots of gathered tulle and sequins. She thought it was a princess dress and really, really wanted it. Quickly distracted, she found an old pair of black patent tap shoes. Oh boy! She can't wait to take tap dancing next year. Room to room we searched for antique baby clothes and the scale that Erin was looking for. Saw so many other treasures but the quest was on. AF was disappointed that the old house the store was located in did not have a bedroom and they lacked food in the kitchen. Only some old plastic apples and bananas. She did however, love the bathroom with it's pink sink! This girl is about anything that is pink!

Finally, Erin spied the perfect old kitchen scale to put in her French country kitchen. It will be so cute with little Easter eggs on it.

I did not find any baby clothes that I could not live without, so we were on our way home. We barely got AF buckled into her carseat and she was out for the count snoozing and dreaming about Mr Reindeer. As we drove a different route back to Franklin, down Hwy 96, I caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye as we whizzed by of more "reindeer". "Stop", I yelled and told Erin to turn around. Unbelieveable, but here was a whole herd of "reindeer" by the side of the road. We took a quick look and inquired about prices. AF would like to have a small herd for the front yard next year at Christmas so we will go back.

All in all, another fun day of treasure hunting for me, Erin and precious granddaughter. I remember scouring old barns,yard sales and antique stores with my mother when my daughter was little. Now it looks like the tradition is living on with AF having a "gurls only" day out with us!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Oooh! Baby it's cold outside!

It's cold and snowy, so you don't want to let your little one get caught outside without her little hat. Be sure that her little noggin is snug and warm, but oh so fashionable too! Our little vintage fashion knit caps will do just the trick. These make a great baby and shower gift for that special little newborn. The vintage cap and our Annie daygown go great together for that first special portrait.