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Monday, March 8, 2010

Treasure Hunting

Finally, a warm, sunny weekend in Nashville and we definitely took advantage of it on Saturday! One of darling daughter and my fav things to do is to scour flea markets, vintage clothing stores and antique stores in search of treasures. I'm always looking for vintage baby and children's clothes and linens and Erin was on the search for an antique kitchen scale. As we were getting ready to depart, you guessed it, precious baby granddaughter was begging to go too! Even at 3 years old, she loves to go shopping with Mama and Nana for a "gurls only" day out. She got all dressed up in her little peasant skirt and top I made her and had the "Fancy Nancy" purse full of all her "gurls" things in tow. So we were off...

But first, precious granddaughter is hungry! Well,this is another favorite treat for us "gurls" so we headed for a spot in Nolensville that is one of our favs. Now if you are from the South, you know that there is nothing better than good ole smoked BBQ. Erin and I are really BBQ aficionados as that is what we usually seek out when we are on our outings. Martin's BBQ Joint in Nolensville , is to just die for if you love good BBQ. Winding our way through the beautiful countryside dotted with fabulous horse farms was an enjoyable ride. As we approached our little eatery, with mouths salivating, a big sign said Martins had moved! Oh no, now to find the new one. A quick turn around and just a few blocks away, you could see the smoke rising from the big outdoor cooker and there was Martins in a brand new building. Yeah! We headed in for delicious pulled pork and brisket!

The new place is full of unique antiques and typical Nashville musical decor on all the walls and also has a stuffed deer head mounted on the wall. Annie Frances was captured by this and kept wanting to go take a look at Mr. Reindeer. The waitress asked her if she wanted to talk to him as he was a talking reindeer. Oh yes, she and Mama were on their way to have a conversation. AF quickly became shy when Mr. Reindeer began moving his head and mouth and shouting out Hello Annie Frances!Finally after much laughing and giggling, AF and the reindeer exchanged goodbyes till next time and we headed out the door for our treasure seeking.

Two local spots in Nolensville are area favorites for vintage memorabilia and antique seekers....Three French Hens and The Roost. Before going in, we had to prompt AF to "not touch" anything, "just look". Oh so hard for a 3 yr old, but she did really good. Only occasionally was she overtaken by something that she really could not resist a little touch at....her favorite was a beautiful vintage Kelly green prom dress with lots of gathered tulle and sequins. She thought it was a princess dress and really, really wanted it. Quickly distracted, she found an old pair of black patent tap shoes. Oh boy! She can't wait to take tap dancing next year. Room to room we searched for antique baby clothes and the scale that Erin was looking for. Saw so many other treasures but the quest was on. AF was disappointed that the old house the store was located in did not have a bedroom and they lacked food in the kitchen. Only some old plastic apples and bananas. She did however, love the bathroom with it's pink sink! This girl is about anything that is pink!

Finally, Erin spied the perfect old kitchen scale to put in her French country kitchen. It will be so cute with little Easter eggs on it.

I did not find any baby clothes that I could not live without, so we were on our way home. We barely got AF buckled into her carseat and she was out for the count snoozing and dreaming about Mr Reindeer. As we drove a different route back to Franklin, down Hwy 96, I caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye as we whizzed by of more "reindeer". "Stop", I yelled and told Erin to turn around. Unbelieveable, but here was a whole herd of "reindeer" by the side of the road. We took a quick look and inquired about prices. AF would like to have a small herd for the front yard next year at Christmas so we will go back.

All in all, another fun day of treasure hunting for me, Erin and precious granddaughter. I remember scouring old barns,yard sales and antique stores with my mother when my daughter was little. Now it looks like the tradition is living on with AF having a "gurls only" day out with us!

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