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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

UFO'S (UnFinished Objects)

Do any of you have any UFO's just waiting to be completed? I bet you do! I have many sewing, crafting, painting, decorating, you name it, projects, kits and items that have lain untouched for months and even years waiting for me to complete or even begin. Why do I do this? Sometimes I open a box or a drawer to discover something that I bought or began working on years ago and then pushed back in to be forgotten in time. It's a nice surprise to find these projects again, but then the challenge to begin the task that was postponed originally and shoved out of sight so long ago is reconnected. I am always very enthusiastic upon purchasing and starting a project, but usually some little glitch will come up upon the initial preparation that hinders me and throws me off the task. I then pack it up and shove it away someplace to only forget it for awhile.

I opened a drawer yesterday, looking for some lace for another project and there lay this package.
I picked up this little Easter pillow kit probably 10 years ago on one of my trips to the Houston Quilt Market. I haven't been to that show now in about 6 or 7 years, so that shows you how long it has lain untouched. I would always pick up a few kits, patterns, fabrics and tools while at the Market, bringing them home with the best of intentions to create something wonderful.

I love this little bunny and egg design and since Easter is fast approaching and I have been shadow working bunnies lately, I decided that this little applique project needed to be finished right away. I pulled it out and committed to finishing it today. So glad I did...I think it really turned out cute. Now, I just need to bring out all the rest of my Easter decorations.

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Erin Kitchin said...

So cute!!!! I want one too!